Sunset In Spain Epic Photo Shoots.

Sunset In Spain and Sunrise

No tricks, no Photoshop here, this was taken on a phone in January 2018. Sunset in Spain can produce some stunning views. Sunrise is the same, depending on where you live, but these colours are quite breath taking.

Best Time To Visit Spain To See The Sunsets

This is a tough one to answer. The image above was taken in January, so while our family and friends in the UK were freezing with the heating on, I was sat outdoors enjoying a coffee.

  • The longest day in Spain tends to be around the 20th June.
  • Benidorm in December – the average temperature is just 12°C
  • January sees temperatures drop to an average of 11°C, with highs of 15°C

Sunrise & Sunset In Barcelona

Barcelona is another popular tourist destinations, so here’s a couple of facts for the times of sunrise and setting.

In 2018 July, the sun came up between 06.20 and 06.45 as an average. Setting sun was around 21.15, meaning there was 15 hours of sun each day.


Sun in Murcia

As an indication of the differences, July 2018 saw the sun come up in Murcia between 06.45 and 07.06. Quite a difference compared to Barcalona. Sunset though was the same range, averaging 21.15 each evening.


The photo above was the moon fully out, long before the sun had gone down.

Sunset In Spain Strategy

Even if we don’t have a camera with us, we usually have our mobile phone. Sunshine through the day and clouds at evening can produce some stunning sunsets.

Sunset In Spain At The Beach

Good Photos!

It’s called ‘taking advantage.’ Being in the right place at the right time, obviously having your camera with you. You can be sure if you’re an early riser that from 06.15 onwards, you can enjoy your fresh orange and coffee watching a lovely sunrise. Eating later can also gt you the chance to see some glorious sunsets.

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